Announcing the 2014 Healing Hope Fundraiser

Mary Margaret's Chist and Cancer Story

This year’s Healing Hope Fundraiser is very special. We are having an evening of music, silent auction, and light refreshments.

Musicians that have performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital HOPES Program quarterly events have graciously volunteered to bring music to us! The Arrow and The Bow, Erica Leigh-musician/artist/survivor, and Lorrie Kubciek will bring us many songs of hope.

Richard Day, Malden Public Schools band teacher & an accomplished trumpeter will be performing.

 Darlene Hubbard, vocalist, will be joining us to inspire our hearts with God’s unquenchable hope.

The silent auction currently has 3 tickets to the April 12th Bruin’s game, a Seiko watch, framed photographs,  and several unique artisan pieces- All will be on display during the event for generous bidding!

I am overjoyed to be a part of the annual Healing Hope fundraising, and this year, I have asked the vendors to match or donate funds or gift cards.  It is my desire that Healing Hope never gets depleted of funds again, and is able to continually reach out to those families affected by a cancer diagnosis.

I have experienced the financial burden of having a cancer diagnosis, and have been given relief during my times of need, and I know, first-hand, how important this type of help is to the healing process.

Healing Hope is compassionate support towards the bruised and near broken.


Event Details and Directions

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