Prince of Peace Fundraiser

Healing Hope Fundraiser in Ohio

A fundraiser is necessary to replenish the gift cards. This took take place July 28, 2012 in Ohio.


$2,800.00 and counting…

Thank you so VERY much to all who participated through auction donations, time, gift card and cash gifts, and bidding generously on items during the silent auction.

The Colors of Cancer

Good Eats!

3 Pastas

  1. Thanks to my dad, Floyd Batanian, for donating his time and energy making his meatball, sausage red sauce. It was delicious!
  2. Gratitude to my sister in law, Laurie Batanian, for Grandma Crawford’s amazing spaghetti pie! We always look forward to eating this recipe.
  3. Finally, many thanks to my sister, Cathy Reichow, for her delicious chicken alfredo over pasta. (she added that to her already full plate of fundraising “to-do’s”)


Special Ribbon Sugar Cookies

Silent Auction is Ready!

There were many auction items from a day of fishing at the trout club to a butterfly painting. Thanks so much to all of the contributors!


A Silent Auction Item! It goes with a day of fishing at the trout club with Floyd Batanian (expert fisherman)

Suzanne, Grammy Lou & Alessandro (helping at name tag table)

Cassie & Katie at face Painting Table

Thank you to Cassie Reichow for heading up the Kids’ Tables!


Event Organizer Extraordinare! Cathy Reichow (& Me)

Nick Batanian, Me, Laurie B. & Kaye (soon to be Batanian)

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